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Which region of the U.S. supported slavery? the South

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timeline of slavery The link on the left is a timeline for the history of slavery in America.

The region of the United States that wanted slavery was the south. They wanted slavery because they made their living by farming. Since they had huge farmland they would get slaves to work for them. The slave owners treated the slaves very well. The slaves worked for great pay and lived in amazing living conditions. They would sell themselves for money. They didnt care whether they were with there family or not. If the slaves did something bad they would get hit by a whip. They would also enslave the Chinese.

The first record of African slavery in Colonial America is of a British ship which brought twenty blacks recorded and sold them to the English colony of Jamestown, Virginia, in 1620 as indentured servants. However, these individuals were freed as were other indentured servants after the stated period, and at least one, Anthony Johnson, eventually became a landowner on the Western Shore and a slave owner himself. history of slavery

While estimates of the number of slaves brought to North America vary from a few hundred thousand to a few million, and thus cannot be stated for certain, it is known that the slave population in the United States had grown to 4 million by the 1860 Census. In other countries, the slave population barely reproduced itself. From the later eighteenth century, and possibly before that even, and until the Civil War, the rate of natural growth of North American slaves was much greater than for the population of any nation in Europe, and was nearly twice as rapid as that of England.history of slavery

In 1682 the slave code of Virginia received additions. It was enacted that runaways who refused to be arrested might be lawfully killed. Slaves were forbidden to carry arms, offensive or defensive, or to go off the plantations of their masters without a written pass, or to lift a hand against a Christian, even in self-defense. slave code

In this picture below there are 23 slaves and there families.
external image slaves.jpg

Below there are about 50 slaves of different ages and they are standing in front of the normal living quarters for a slave.
external image plantation-slaves.jpg

Below is a picture of the slave states and the free states before the Civil War.
external image