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The cheaper and faster transportation that influenced westward migration in the colonies is rivers, canals (Erie Canal), steamboats. These several new means were the gateway to newer and improved traveling/transportation.


This picture is a perfect example of a steamboat and it's frame and size. This mode of transportation was invented by Robert Fulton. The standard steamboat can carry hundreds of people at a time. This increased the mode of transportation and the rate of transportation. This picture can be found at [[ steamboats/dayline/]]


This is a picture of a canal. Canals were some of the main ways of transportation, back in the day! They could transport many people on boats and the newly invented steamboats. This image can be found at


This river would also have been a common waterway of transportation. There is a steamboat on the water, probably coming in to dock and take on passangers to transport to another place.