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The cotton gin increased the production of cotton and thus increased the need for what?
answer -Slave Labor

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It worked so well that planters grew more cotton on more land, which increased the need for slave labor. Because Southern planters refused to pay for its use, coupled with the fact that the cotton gin was easy to replicate, Whitney never made any money on his invention.

A cotton gin is a machine that quickly and easily separates the cotton fibers from the seedpods and the sometimes sticky seeds. These seeds were either used again to grow more cotton or if badly damaged were disposed of. It uses a combination of a wire screen and small wire hooks to pull the cotton through the screen, while brushes continuously remove the loose cotton lint to prevent jams. The term "gin" is an abbreviation for engine, and means "device," and is not related to the alcoholic beverage gin. The cotton gin was invented by Eli Whitney in 1793 and served to reinvigorate the slave economy in the United States, adding decades to its life.

The pictures below show an example of the Cotton Gin. Invented by Eli Whitney

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