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SOL Fact: The South feared that the North would take control of Congress, so the southerners began to proclaim WHAT means of self-protection?

The south proclaimed states rights for means of self protection. This made them feel safer.

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The Civil war is partly based on this fact. The other thing is slavery. The Southerners were afraid that the
North would not let them have slaves.




Above is a flag that shows how the South broke away from the North and tried to create their own
Country. The South both thought that the north would take control of Congress. Also, the South wanted
slaves and the North thought that was wrong.

Dark blue- Union States against slavery
Light Blue- Union Territories
Yellow- Border States
Red- Kansas
Orange-The Confederacy
Tan- Confederate claimed and some times held territories
This is a great link on wikipedia. I found this image there. It is also above in helful links.

I found this website and it has some really great photos for the civil war.