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Ryan B. Following whose election, did the southern states secede from the union? it was Following Abraham Lincolns election. Ryan's Helpful links Ryan's GoogleEarth thingcooltext56264498.gif
aa_lincoln_subj_e.jpg Abraham Lincoln was president from 1861-185 and he represented Illinois and he is the tallest president. He was in the Republican party. Abe Lincolns mom died when he was 9. When he was older he didn't go to college but instead read at home. Abe's brithday is February 12, 1809. His hobbies were walking and wrestling. He had a pet horse and Abe's favorite foods were fruit salad, cheese, and crackers. Abraham had to struggle for a living and before he was president he was a store clerk, a rail splitter, lawyer, and a Congressman. He had a wife named Mary and four sons Robert Todd Lincoln (August 1 1843 - July 26 1926): born in Springfield, Illinois, and died in Manchester, Vermont.Edward Baker Lincoln (March 10 1846 - February 1 1850): born and died in Springfield.William Wallace Lincoln (December 21 1850 - February 20 1862): born in Springfield and died in Washington, D.C.Thomas "Tad" Lincoln. There was a rumor that Abraham Lincoln learned fingerspelling from Edward Miner Gallaudet at the White House before attending Ford Theater that evening04lincoln.JPG.jpg