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Most Abolitionists demanded immediate freeing of the who? The slaves

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Charles Sumner an abolitionist


Many abolitionists wanted the slaves freed. But Slave owners said they needed slaves.
If The owners of the slaves would have just given it up there would have been no war.
But after the Civil War, the slaves were freed. If abolitionists like Sumner would not have
protested there would still be slaves today.

Many abolitionists lived in the northern states because they had no use for slave labor.
The did not need the slaves because there was not as much fertile land as in the south.map_slavevsfree.jpg
Many slave owners lived in the south. There was much more fertile land there to farm.
That increased the amount of slave labor.

During Abraham Lincoln's Presidency he urged the freeing of slaves. He was president
between 1860-1865. Since he was the president he could make it public. After he had
made the slaves free, he was assassinated in a theater.


This is a picture of a slave family

Some slaves escaped through the under ground railroad. The conductor was harriet Tubman.


She helped over 300 slaves to escape.