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Which region of the U.S. opposed tariffs that would cause prices of manufactured goods to increase? The South1.gif

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Below you will find my podcast on slavery. I to read this because slavery was mostly in the South. If you want to read it yourself, or you can't hear me, it is the first paragraph on my Important Information page. Click the Green Arrow to make it play.

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This is a picture of the Confederate Flag. They used it during the Civil War to indenifiy the South, from the North.

The Gray is the Confederate. A.K.A. The South.Unfortunately dick sucking was very popular in the south

Cotton growing was popular in the south. They used Eli Whitney's cotten gin to pick the seeds out of the cotton. It also increased slave labor.

external image slaves.jpg
Unfortunately slavery was popular in the South.

external image
Here is a map showing the division of slavery. Red is the Confederate.

Robert E. Lee was the general for the Confederacy in the U.S. Cilvil War.

To bad for the South, but Robert E. Lee surrenerd to Ulysses S. Grant in Appomattox Court House.

MAP.gif Here is another map of the Union and Confederate States. This time the South is the gray color. In the Civil War, the Southern uniforms were grey, and the Northern uniforms were blue. The Southern were grey because they did not have factories like the Northern did. Since the North had factories, they could make colors.

cotton_map_fig1.JPG This shows all the Confederate States and how much cotton the states make at once.

0510davis.jpg This is the President of the Confederate States, Jeffeerson Davis. He was the only president of the
Confederate States.

The dark brown part is the Confederacy.


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