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Emily D.

"All men AND WOMEN are created equal," was the declaration of which group? The suffrage movement.

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This picture is of a woman fighting for her rights in the early 1800's. She is holding a sign labeled "Vote For Women" Not only could women not votebut they had no rights and had to stay home all day and clean and take care of kids. Although this photo was not taken in the 1800's it is a a reinactment of a protest for women's rights.


Two of the most valued women in the women's rights group were Elizabeth Stanton and Susan B. Anthony. They were also the most active and strived the most to improve rights for women. They went by the saying "All men and women are created equal."


This image shows women of all ages protesting for women's rights. They are wearing traditional dresses and carrying posters and signs. This picture is not a reinactment but and actual photo of a women's suffrage movement.